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Sewer jetter drain cleaner snake mashine rooter hydro

What is for sale: Sewer jetter drain cleaner snake mashine rooter hydro

~~~Sewer Equipment and Supplies~~~
1650 PSI 1.7 GPM Electric Hydro Jetter.
This Brand New Cart unit works grate on lines up to 3".
* Heavy Duty red powder coated cart with 8" rubber wheels.
* 1 - RN 1/4" nozzle custom drilled 3 forward & 6 back.
* 25' of 1/8" trap hose jetting line.
* 1 - RN 1/8" custom trap nozzle. this Custom drilled nozzle has 1 forward 6 back and 1 jet side ways this helps push it around 90's and through traps where other nozzle can't go.
* Heavy Duty nylon case that is used to safely store the 2 jetting lines when not being used.
* Pressure washing set up. Gun & wand used for cleaning up work area after jetting.
We have better nozzles that will enter and go through smaller lines then others. "Thats a Fact"
We offer & sell more jetting equipment & Supplies then any one on E-bay. " Thats also a fact "
For a full line of Hydro jetting Equipment, Locating Equipment, Inspection systems Cameras & Accessories

Not happy with the unit that you have? Upgrade and trade your unit in on one of are many new or used units.
We will take any unit in on trade, Hydro jetters, locating equipment& inspection Cameras. Any condition.
I would like to take this time to thank every one on e-bay.
We understand that you have many choices of online retailer and we appreciate your time & your business!
We offer service only a small business can provide and prices that compare with large companies, it’s really simple; our overhead is much lower then the larger company. We stand behind all are products we sell 110%
Any Questions please give us a call at (***)-330-8395

Contact: (Aileen Morales) (email hidden).

Sewer jetter drain cleaner snake mashine rooter hydro