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Steel marking stamp punch "not for resale" arial font

What is for sale: Steel marking stamp punch "not for resale" arial font

NOT FOR RESALE ( 3 lines of text)
This Quality Hardened Steel Marking Punch Stamps Impressions Into Metal, Steel, Wood, Leather, Plastic, Pottery, Etc..
This is a superior quality steel marking stamp, correctly cut, hardened and tempered to 60 rockwell. Made to be hammer struck and last for thousands of impressions! This stamps impression is two line of text reading NOT FOR RESALE, has an overall impression height of .150" and overall length is .250"
The image will be very sharp, resulting in the clearest impression possible. Listing picture may not show actual stamp. Everstamp has pioneered the way in the stamping industry providing quality marking devices for over 100 years!
> Steel shank is 3/8" X 3/8" X 3.1" long, designed to be hand held and hammer struck.
> Stamp reads 3 lines of text NOT FOR RESALE in upper case, single sharp line, arial style font.
> Overall Impression height .150"
> Overall Impression Length .250"
> Characters reading left so impression will read right.
> All EverStamps are made from O-1 tool steel, Hardened and Tempered to aprox. 60 rockwell
> Not intended to stamp other hardened steel.
"EverStamp Marking Devices Since 1898"

Contact: (Paige Preston) (email hidden).

Steel marking stamp punch