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Hay bale spear 2" heat treated forged heavy big bertha

What is for sale: Hay bale spear 2" heat treated forged heavy big bertha

Hay Bale Spear 2" heat treated forged Heavy Big Bertha
Hay Bale Spear 2" diameter heat treated forged Super Heavy duty, we call it "Big Bertha"!
* Base of spear is 2" diameter and gradually tapers to a point on the other end.
* Rated at 2500 lbs but is tested at higher weights
* Sleeve is 3 inch diameter and about 1/2 inch thick
* Weights about 45 lbs with sleeve
* Hay bale spear can be easily removed by taking out the crossbolt and sliding the spear out of the sleeve
* 2 of these can be an economical alternative to pallet forks
* Works great on 2500 lb seed boxed or seed totes for bulk soybean, corn and wheat seed with proper spear spacing.
See our 12 volt electric hydraulic Barnes Haydex pump which is great for pickup and trailer hay hauling jobs. See the wide selection for 3-pt, tractor loader bucket spike carriers. Our store also has individual hay spear and stabilizer spikes. All of our complete spear units are available with 1 to 6 large 48 inch or 39 inch long spikes as well as our 17 inch stabilizer prongs. Big Bertha can be picked up at our facility Washburn Farm and Home Supply just north of Lamar, Mo. 64759 on the east side of US 71. Lamar is about 120 miles south of Kansas City, Mo.
Washburn Farm & Home Supply 172 NE 1st Lane Lamar, Mo 64759 (***) 682 5551 or (***) 283 7107 Fax (***) 682 3987 Email
Map to Washburn Company's Joanne's Pot Pan Lid & Spice Rack Facility & Washburn Farm & Home
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Hay bale spear 2