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Colonial valve ½" true-union ball valve V07101N *lot 3*

What is for sale: Colonial valve ½" true-union ball valve V07101N *lot 3*

• Thermoplastic design eliminates process and atmospheric corrosion.
• Pressure rated up to 235 psi, non-shock water at 730F.
• Rated for vacuum service to 26 in Hg with less than 1 in Hg loss.
• Socket dimensions meet all ASTM requirements. PVC: D-2467, D-2464; CPVC: F-439, F-437.
• Full port design – same I.D. as Sch 80 pipe – minimizes turbulence at high flow rates.
• Two stem stops for positive shut off.
• Full block design allows for external adjustment for seat wear.
• Floating ball design for positive seal.
• True Union design permits easy removal of valve body for service.
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Colonial Valves True-Union Ball Valve
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