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New unitek eapro acf-bonder – -

What is for sale: New unitek eapro acf-bonder – -

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Original Price: US $ 313,000.-
Our Price: US $ 18,000.- ( EU-Members: Our prices are strictly net )
General: Fully automated stand-alone system, equipped with two independently operating twin-axis robot systems which automatically load LCD Microdisplays (or similar devices), laminate and pre-bond ACF film (Anisotropic Conductive Film), attach flex connector and perform final bonding of flex to display. We uploaded an English version of the manual English-PDF file
Conditions: The ACF-Bonder is in new conditions and fully functional. Just unwrapped from original package to make these photos and to check if it fully works.
We offer a collection facility for all items in Berlin, Germany
* Direct transfer into our account
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