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Tungsten sheet / plate unpolished 6"X6"X0.04"

What is for sale: Tungsten sheet / plate unpolished 6"X6"X0.04"

Tungsten Properties and Applications
Tungsten has the highest melting point (3422°C) of all the non-alloyed metals. It can keep its strength and stiffness at high temperatures. Tungsten has good thermal conductivity and lowest thermal expansion of any pure metal. Its corrosion resistance is excellent and it can be attacked only slightly by most mineral acids. Our Tungsten products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear high-temperature furnace, glass, ceramic, crystal production, medical, illumination and vacuum sputtering etc.
* Regular Finish; unpolished.
Customized Size and Shape Available Upon Request
For More Information and Specifications,
Please visit our website at http:// /molyandtungsten.html.

Contact: (Ross Massey) (email hidden).

Tungsten sheet / plate unpolished 6