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Flap discs zirconia 4-1/2" 80 grit qty = 100

What is for sale: Flap discs zirconia 4-1/2" 80 grit qty = 100

Primary Advantages of Flap Discs
1. Flap discs grind and finish at the same time, saving both time and money.
2. Flap discs remove material aggresively. Its removal power is equal to depressed cool center wheel but it works safer and offers a better finished surface.
3. Flap discs have a lightweight design to reduce operator fatigue.
4. Flap disc are easy to use and requires very little surface pressure. Its especially cool cutting permits light contouring and avoids burning work-pieces by overheating.
5. Flap discs last up to 30 times longer than conventional fibre discs due to their overlapping flap construction.
6. Flap discs assure consistent performance as new particles are continually exposed during the life of the product.
7. Flap discs, due to its tough construction, allows for aggresive edge grinding.
8. Flap discs in conical shape enables the fullest contact between work-piece and disc surface.

Contact: (Howard Albert) (email hidden).

Flap discs zirconia 4-1/2