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Silicone rtv diluent thinner for mold rubber 1 pint

What is for sale: Silicone rtv diluent thinner for mold rubber 1 pint

Silicone RTV diluent, thinner for mold rubber, one pint. This is a very thin 20cs silicone oil which is used as a thinner or diluent for RTV mold making rubber, as a release agent, or as a dampening fluid in gauges. It adds lubricity to a silicone rubber mold, which helps the parts release easier and makes the mold last longer. You can also extend the life of the RTV mold by occasionally wiping it onto the mold surface. The normal amount to use is about 10%, but can be used as required for your particular application. If a lot is used, the durometer of the rubber will decrease. It also makes a great synthetic lubricant and is widely used in paintball markers.
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