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Esi 296 lcr meter with kelvin leads esr test capacitors

What is for sale: Esi 296 lcr meter with kelvin leads esr test capacitors

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1 kHz and 10 kHz Test Frequencies, GPIB, Kelvin Lead Set
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Description: The ESI 296 is a microprocessor controlled automatic LCR meter. It makes high speed L, R, C, and G measurements and also calculates D and Q. Two 4½ digit readouts simultaneously display the reactive and loss measurements of the unknown. Measurement setup is performed from the front panel keyboard or from the GPIB interface. Two test frequencies are available which are 1 kHz and 10 kHz for this instrument. The 10 kHz test frequency is especially useful for evaluating the capacitors Effective Series Resistance (ESR). Just push the Ohm button and you get direct readout of the capacitance value in the left display and the impedance in the right display. By selecting the low test voltage, components can be tested in-circuit. An external power supply can be used to provide DC bias for an electrolytic capacitor under test out of circuit. The ESI 296 includes charged capacitor protection. Specification and ranges are shown in the following table:
Condition: Will be Reconditioned and Performance Tested to meet manufacturers specifications. Clean unit inside and out. Physically inspected, hardware re-torqued, connectors treated with a preservative, controls and switches lubricated as appropriate, power supply electrolytics tested. Burned in for 72 hours and then performance tested. All knobs and switches are in good condition.
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