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Nylon 69 natura industrial sewing machine thread consew

What is for sale: Nylon 69 natura industrial sewing machine thread consew

Quantity: 1 lb cone (~6,000yds)
Volume pricing is available. Call for details
Bonded nylon thread has excellent resistance to mildew, aging, and abrasion, although prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause some deterioration. It is unaffected by most mineral acids and alkalis.
Nylon thread also offers superior strength. The 69 bonded nylon, with a diameter of .0115", has an average break strength of 11 pounds. This is a heavy duty thread manufactured for industrial sewing machines such as the Consew 206RB-5 or Juki 1541-S compound feed walking foot machines.
Please remember, due to the differences in monitors, browsers, etc., colors shown may be slightly different than actual thread color.
Is your sewing system performing up to your expectations?
The thread used in your sewing application is only one part of the system. Industrial Sewing Systems specializes in matching your application with the correct machine, accessories, needles, and thread.
Similar to your automobile, a smooth, quiet ride results from not only the correct tire size, but also the appropriate inflation, proper tread pattern, suitable shocks, struts, or springs, etc. Optimizing these not only results in a smoother ride, but reduces maintenance costs and improves mileage. The same can be said for optimizing your 'sewing system'.
This emphasis on the 'system approach' to your application can reduce wear and tear on your machine, minimize your downtime, and increase your productivity. Our technicians have over 15 years servicing industrial sewing applications, and would be happy to help you with yours.
Located in: Janesville, WI USA

Contact: (Lorrie Rocha) (email hidden).