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Magnetic wand "sew wanderful"

What is for sale: Magnetic wand "sew wanderful"

Magnetic Wand 'Sew Wanderful'
Magnetic Wand. This Wand-erful magnetic wand will pick-up pins, sewing needles, paper clips and other metal objects. It is powerful, portable, durable, versatile, colorful and one very strong multi-pole magnet. It measures 1" wide x 7 ½" long. It is very useful. It comes in several different colors and we will choose one for you.
You can reach us at or call us at (***)-849-1800. Our store hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8-5 EST, Wednesday 8-12 Noon EST and Saturday 9:30 to Noon. We will respond during these hours. Please include your postal or zip code, state and country.
Unverified addresses will delay item process. All new items should be covered by manufactures warranty.

Contact: (Lindsay David) (email hidden).

Magnetic wand